Wii Games to Look Out for in Fall and Winter 2008

It’s no secret that the Nintendo Wii is one of the most sough after video games system on the market today. Fortunately, they’re showing up more frequently on store shelves, which is a good indication that supply is catching up with demand. In less than two years since it’s release, the Nintendo Wii has outsold every other console on the market today. A combination of a low price (at least compared to it’s competitors), a slew of games geared toward all ages, and a method of playing that is easy to anybody, even those who have never played a video game before, has no doubt contributed to it’s success.
As we near the two-year anniversary of the Nintendo’s release, we have these games to look forward to in the coming months, leading up to the 2008 Christmas Season:

Super Mario Sluggers
August 25th

If you think Mario’s only good for stomping on Goombas, you’re way off. Aside from the best selling Mario Kart, Mario has also made his way other, more traditional sports games, starting way back on the N64 with Mario Golf (unless if you want to count Mario Tennis on the failed Virtual Boy system). Super Mario Sluggers is Mario’s newest baseball game. While the rules essentially stay the same, the game, of course, is played by Nintendo’s most recognized characters, and incorporates different power-ups and arenas to make the game slightly less traditional.

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility
August 26

After appearing on a half-dozen other consoles, Harvest Moon is finally coming to the Nintendo Wii in this farming adventure. Yes, I said farming. As in all the previous games, you get a farm, you plant vegetables according to the seasons, raise livestock, sell your goods and watch your farm grow. Along the way you meet a wife or husband (the game allows you to choose your gender), interact with townsfolk, make friends, get a part-time job, and have kids. Basically everything you’d be doing if it was the 1700s, only you’re doing it in a video game.

De Blob
September 22

Chroma City has lost it’s color! It’s up to a blob, appropriately named “Blob”, with his ability to absorb and re-distribute color, to paint the town red. And probably other colors, too. Race against the clock, and watch out for enemies as you roll along streets and buildings, giving the city back it’s color!

Lego Batman
September 23

The Lego series of games has done an amazing job of bringing exciting, engaging, and all around fun games to franchises that are often plagued with mediocre… and some downright bad games. First Star Wars, then Indiana Jones, and now Batman. Play Batman, Robin, and even a dozen villains as you complete levels, solve puzzles, and beat up the bad guys. If it’s anything like the previous Lego games, you’ll have an endless supply of hidden items to find and extras to unlock.

Wario Land: Shake It
September 29

Ahh, Wario. The anti-Mario. Though he’s had his own traditional platformers over the years, he’s best known for his roles in Mario Kart and the Mario Sports games, and in his own fast-paced mini-game series, Wario Ware. Well, Wario’s back in another side-scrolling platformer. This time he’s travelling to the Shake Dimension to defeat the Shake King and win his wallet full of infinite gold coins. Along the way you’ll meet enemies, and, with the wiimote, shake them to get their money and health.

Guitar Hero World Tour
October 26

The title becomes somewhat of a misnomer as Guitar Hero follows in the footsteps of Rock Band and introduces the ability to play the drums or sing on the microphone to the Guitar Hero game. And, of course, many many new songs.

Animal Crossing: City Folk
November 16

Not unlike Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing brings the video game a little closer to reality. This game moves in real time: hours pass as the do in real life, the seasons change in time to the months. After moving to a new town, you get a house and, of course, a mortgage. Work to pay for your house, buy and arrange furniture, design and wear a variety of outfits, shop, get your hair done, fish, catch bugs, make friends, lose friends, and so much more. Don’t expect to see gore, guns, or anything even remotely inappropriate, this game is easily for the whole family.

And there you have it! My picks for the best of the second half of 2008 for the Nintendo Wii. Of course this only begins to scratch the surface of all the games arriving in the next few months. Here are just a few more to keep an eye on:

Star Wars: The Force UnleashedSeptember 16th
Samba De Amigo September 23rd
Lost In Blue: Shipwrecked September 23rd
My Sims Kingdom TBA
Castlevania Judgement TBA
Ghostbusters The Video Game TBA
Wii Cheer TBA
Little King’s Story TBA

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