Ways to get more gold easily in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a very popular and addictive game which is played by people on their Android devices. Here you have to destroy the tower of your opponent and get more resources like Gold, gems, elixir, spells, etc. You will have to train the troops properly so that they can easily destroy the tower of the opponent. Here in this game with every up gradation, you will be getting new features that will make the game easier for you like the spells, etc. But without the gold, it is very hard to proceed in this game, so here in this article, we are going to guide you so that you can easily maximize the efficiency of Gold grabbing.

Ways for getting more gold with the clash royale hack

Donating: Donating is an ideal way of getting some more goals in this game. When you are in the legendary Arena, there you can easily get near about 1200 gold by donating some resources to your clan mates. Whenever you are donating any epic card, you will be getting 500 gold and at the same time some upgrade points for the king Tower, but if you are from any inactive clan then you should join an active clan because you don’t want to miss these opportunities.

Challenges: When you will have the spare gems then challenges are the best way to getting gold. You will be getting the perfect value for the money after your win near about 10 to 12 match. With this bonus, you can also get some cards related to rare, legendaries and epics.

Battling: Whenever in this game you will constantly be battling then each of this victory till the level 20 will help you in getting some particular number of gold which will be based on the arena. You may not be getting a huge amount of gold, but in the long run, it will make a really big difference.

Chest: The main reason for participating in the chest is for getting the gold. With every match, you play after winning the game you will be benefited with some gold. In the rare chest, the maximum the number of gold you will have. If you are participating in the running chest, then you will never go out of gold.

Sunday epics: There is an additional property of this game which is you can make some extra donation on Sundays which will help you to get some hefty amount of 1000 gold.

Gems: Buying the gems is a great idea for getting the gold. When it comes to challenges, then you don’t want to spend these gems on the challenges so you can also buy them with the help of gold. With these gems, you can also get some gold, but it won’t be a good idea in this game because getting gems is also a tough thing.

How to spend this gold

Players normally make some confusion and start spending this gold at the beginning of this game for the leveling up, but you should always spend gold for the upgrades of the cards which you can easily use.

For many Gamers buying the legendary looks appealing but it is advised not to rush into buying them. So always try to purchase something which will complement the playing style of yours.

Do not spend the gold lavishly and you should always upgrade the cards evenly. As upgrading of those up to the maximum level is very important as when your card will be at the 6th level, it will make your game harder to win.

So play this game with proper strategy to stay for a long period and score more resources and trophies.

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