Retro System Review: The Problems with Portable Retro Systems

Many people who used to play the older generation of games have started getting into buying new retro console systems. While there are tons of new retro gaming systems there are also a few retro gaming systems that are actually portable. Though these systems were never intended to be portable they are now portable. But is portability for games that were never made to be portable a good idea? How do these portable devices compare to their non portable counterparts?
There is one obvious problem that all the portable systems has and that is that they all run on batteries. These systems can run through batteries like crazy. Some systems use regular batteries that can be replaced and some have built in batteries that can be recharged like a cell phone but they can not be replaced. The issue of battery consumption is a real issue with these devices.

These systems were not made to be taken portable. Many of these systems are smaller then the cartridges that they play. They can be very awkward to play with this large game cartridge sticking out. Sega did make a portable gaming system for the Genesis but they did not sale well and there is a reason why. Also most people who are interested in these classic consoles are in there twenties at least and portable gaming is not something that is big for them. Kids who sit in the back of the car may need portability but the 25 year old who has to drive to work can not play while he drives.

The controller issue is an problem that almost all the new portable systems face. Most do not allow for you use use the original controllers. This means that peripherals will not work. Also some systems do not use any controllers that are not on the system itself. Many use wireless controllers but most of these wireless controllers are not very good quality.

Many retro gaming devices have problems with being built poorly. The portable units are some of the worst made devices. Most of the portable systems are badly made. Not only do they break or parts of them break easily but they do not work as well as home console versions. Most of these portable devices do not emulate as well as the home consoles. The prices of these are often much more then home consoles. Often you can get a home console that plays more systems games and are better built.

If you do want portability there are other options. There are many mp3 systems that also have emulators. They often do better because even games that may not emulate well you can find one or two versions that do work. There are also many bad versions of these systems but there are some great versions that are well made. Most of these systems play many kinds fo games too.

Overall these portable retro systems have many problems. The cost is high and the quality is bad. There is not much positive about these systems. I would not recommend the retro portable devices.

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