Product Review: RadTech Spire Torq Laptop Backpack

The Spire Torq is your full sized laptop backpack that holds not only any sized laptop but plenty of other gear for class or work with plenty of additional features.
Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25

Look amp; Feel: 24/25

Features 20/25

How much I enjoy 20/25

Total: 87/100

The Spire Torq Laptop Backpack from RadTech includes a waist strap to complement the padded shoulder straps for a very comfortable fit. The Torq also includes a padded sleeve with a shoulder strap to use inside the backpack or separately for your smaller sized 14 or 15 inch laptops.

The Spire Torq can hold a full sized 17 inch widescreen notebook as well as several school books and other gear for on the go travel or school. The Spire Torq is perfect for the college student with pockets and compartments for all your gear and books such as the large laptop compartment and the multi pocketed front compartment.

The Torq has two large compartments for a laptop and books or anything else you care to place in it as well as one large compartment with several pockets in it. The various compartments include two zippered pockets, two netted pockets and two nylon pockets as well as two pen pockets.

In this same compartment is a key hook for keeping keys or other small ringed objects safe and secure in the compartment such as an eye glass case. The front of the backpack has a side zippered compartment perfect for snacks or other quick access items like a cell phone or address book. There is also a pass through hole for earphone cords so you can listen to your tunes and have the media player secure inside the backpack.

There are two pockets on the sides for water bottles or pop bottles that are easy to reach for that cool drink while wearing the pack or just carrying it around. The top handle is quite sturdy and secured to a wide webbing patch slightly larger than the strap and then to the backpack material on the top of the pack.

This means a nice secure handle that is not just attached on the ends of the handle but on a large area all around the webbing rectangle for a more secure and durable handle. The side straps are also secured to the top and bottom of the pack directly along a seam with plenty of stitching for a very secure and sturdy design.

Both the shoulder straps and the waist strap is padded for comfort and also has a small strap to connect and help pull the two straps together while wearing for added comfort. The small center strap that pulls the shoulder straps together is nice for when you have heavy loads in the pack to help distribute the weight better.

The nylon material has a heavy duty feel and all the stitching is well made and double stitched for critical areas like zippers and straps. The only place I found to be lacking was the very bottom of the pack where your laptop might rest on the ground without any padding.

Using the Spire Torq for a full sized 17 inch widescreen laptop you can easily place some extra padding in the bottom to cushion the laptop in your backpack. The pack only has a single layer of nylon without padding in the two large compartments at the bottom so extra cushioning is needed in my opinion.

The rear compartment has padding on the back that is removable and the divider between the two large compartments has padding that is sewn into the pack. To secure your laptop well in the backpack you have padding on the two sides and you should use the front large compartment for a laptop and the rear most compartment for books or other things.

If you have a smaller laptop such as a 15 or 14 inch or even smaller you can use the laptop sleeve that fits these sizes well. The sleeve offers extra protection and security for your computer as well as the needed padding on the bottom of the backpack.

The only thing I have found that is lacking in the Spire Torq is the lack of padding in the bottom of the two compartments, other than this the pack is excellent. My son has been using the Spire Torq for his book bag and laptop backpack while going to college at a large university.

He has all the customary classes for a college student going for a degree in computers so takes his computer to class everyday as well as the usual large books. His backpack weighs about 20 to 30 pounds when traveling to and from school especially when you have his laptop, books, snacks and a couple of water bottles on the sides.

The Torq does not show any signs of stress on seams or the shoulder straps where they connect to the pack so I am sure the pack will last a good long time. The pack seems to be wearing very well without any problems at all after a month of regular daily college student use/abuse.

I highly recommend the Spire Torq from RadTech for a heavy duty laptop backpack with all the features you could want in a daily use pack. The Spire Torq is available in Black or Black and Burnt orange from RadTech for about $130, the sleeve costs an extra $30.

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