Ways to get more gold easily in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a very popular and addictive game which is played by people on their Android devices. Here you have to destroy the tower of your opponent and get more resources like Gold, gems, elixir, spells, etc. You will have to train the troops properly so that they can easily destroy the tower of the opponent. Here in this game with every up gradation, you will be getting new features that will make the game easier for you like the spells, etc. But without the gold, it is very hard to proceed in this game, so here in this article, we are going to guide you so that you can easily maximize the efficiency of Gold grabbing.

Ways for getting more gold with the clash royale hack

Donating: Donating is an ideal way of getting some more goals in this game. When you are in the legendary Arena, there you can easily get near about 1200 gold by donating some resources to your clan mates. Whenever you are donating any epic card, you will be getting 500 gold and at the same time some upgrade points for the king Tower, but if you are from any inactive clan then you should join an active clan because you don’t want to miss these opportunities.

Challenges: When you will have the spare gems then challenges are the best way to getting gold. You will be getting the perfect value for the money after your win near about 10 to 12 match. With this bonus, you can also get some cards related to rare, legendaries and epics.

Battling: Whenever in this game you will constantly be battling then each of this victory till the level 20 will help you in getting some particular number of gold which will be based on the arena. You may not be getting a huge amount of gold, but in the long run, it will make a really big difference.

Chest: The main reason for participating in the chest is for getting the gold. With every match, you play after winning the game you will be benefited with some gold. In the rare chest, the maximum the number of gold you will have. If you are participating in the running chest, then you will never go out of gold.

Sunday epics: There is an additional property of this game which is you can make some extra donation on Sundays which will help you to get some hefty amount of 1000 gold.

Gems: Buying the gems is a great idea for getting the gold. When it comes to challenges, then you don’t want to spend these gems on the challenges so you can also buy them with the help of gold. With these gems, you can also get some gold, but it won’t be a good idea in this game because getting gems is also a tough thing.

How to spend this gold

Players normally make some confusion and start spending this gold at the beginning of this game for the leveling up, but you should always spend gold for the upgrades of the cards which you can easily use.

For many Gamers buying the legendary looks appealing but it is advised not to rush into buying them. So always try to purchase something which will complement the playing style of yours.

Do not spend the gold lavishly and you should always upgrade the cards evenly. As upgrading of those up to the maximum level is very important as when your card will be at the 6th level, it will make your game harder to win.

So play this game with proper strategy to stay for a long period and score more resources and trophies.

Retro System Review: The Problems with Portable Retro Systems

Many people who used to play the older generation of games have started getting into buying new retro console systems. While there are tons of new retro gaming systems there are also a few retro gaming systems that are actually portable. Though these systems were never intended to be portable they are now portable. But is portability for games that were never made to be portable a good idea? How do these portable devices compare to their non portable counterparts?
There is one obvious problem that all the portable systems has and that is that they all run on batteries. These systems can run through batteries like crazy. Some systems use regular batteries that can be replaced and some have built in batteries that can be recharged like a cell phone but they can not be replaced. The issue of battery consumption is a real issue with these devices.

These systems were not made to be taken portable. Many of these systems are smaller then the cartridges that they play. They can be very awkward to play with this large game cartridge sticking out. Sega did make a portable gaming system for the Genesis but they did not sale well and there is a reason why. Also most people who are interested in these classic consoles are in there twenties at least and portable gaming is not something that is big for them. Kids who sit in the back of the car may need portability but the 25 year old who has to drive to work can not play while he drives.

The controller issue is an problem that almost all the new portable systems face. Most do not allow for you use use the original controllers. This means that peripherals will not work. Also some systems do not use any controllers that are not on the system itself. Many use wireless controllers but most of these wireless controllers are not very good quality.

Many retro gaming devices have problems with being built poorly. The portable units are some of the worst made devices. Most of the portable systems are badly made. Not only do they break or parts of them break easily but they do not work as well as home console versions. Most of these portable devices do not emulate as well as the home consoles. The prices of these are often much more then home consoles. Often you can get a home console that plays more systems games and are better built.

If you do want portability there are other options. There are many mp3 systems that also have emulators. They often do better because even games that may not emulate well you can find one or two versions that do work. There are also many bad versions of these systems but there are some great versions that are well made. Most of these systems play many kinds fo games too.

Overall these portable retro systems have many problems. The cost is high and the quality is bad. There is not much positive about these systems. I would not recommend the retro portable devices.

Wii Games to Look Out for in Fall and Winter 2008

It’s no secret that the Nintendo Wii is one of the most sough after video games system on the market today. Fortunately, they’re showing up more frequently on store shelves, which is a good indication that supply is catching up with demand. In less than two years since it’s release, the Nintendo Wii has outsold every other console on the market today. A combination of a low price (at least compared to it’s competitors), a slew of games geared toward all ages, and a method of playing that is easy to anybody, even those who have never played a video game before, has no doubt contributed to it’s success.
As we near the two-year anniversary of the Nintendo’s release, we have these games to look forward to in the coming months, leading up to the 2008 Christmas Season:

Super Mario Sluggers
August 25th

If you think Mario’s only good for stomping on Goombas, you’re way off. Aside from the best selling Mario Kart, Mario has also made his way other, more traditional sports games, starting way back on the N64 with Mario Golf (unless if you want to count Mario Tennis on the failed Virtual Boy system). Super Mario Sluggers is Mario’s newest baseball game. While the rules essentially stay the same, the game, of course, is played by Nintendo’s most recognized characters, and incorporates different power-ups and arenas to make the game slightly less traditional.

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility
August 26

After appearing on a half-dozen other consoles, Harvest Moon is finally coming to the Nintendo Wii in this farming adventure. Yes, I said farming. As in all the previous games, you get a farm, you plant vegetables according to the seasons, raise livestock, sell your goods and watch your farm grow. Along the way you meet a wife or husband (the game allows you to choose your gender), interact with townsfolk, make friends, get a part-time job, and have kids. Basically everything you’d be doing if it was the 1700s, only you’re doing it in a video game.

De Blob
September 22

Chroma City has lost it’s color! It’s up to a blob, appropriately named “Blob”, with his ability to absorb and re-distribute color, to paint the town red. And probably other colors, too. Race against the clock, and watch out for enemies as you roll along streets and buildings, giving the city back it’s color!

Lego Batman
September 23

The Lego series of games has done an amazing job of bringing exciting, engaging, and all around fun games to franchises that are often plagued with mediocre… and some downright bad games. First Star Wars, then Indiana Jones, and now Batman. Play Batman, Robin, and even a dozen villains as you complete levels, solve puzzles, and beat up the bad guys. If it’s anything like the previous Lego games, you’ll have an endless supply of hidden items to find and extras to unlock.

Wario Land: Shake It
September 29

Ahh, Wario. The anti-Mario. Though he’s had his own traditional platformers over the years, he’s best known for his roles in Mario Kart and the Mario Sports games, and in his own fast-paced mini-game series, Wario Ware. Well, Wario’s back in another side-scrolling platformer. This time he’s travelling to the Shake Dimension to defeat the Shake King and win his wallet full of infinite gold coins. Along the way you’ll meet enemies, and, with the wiimote, shake them to get their money and health.

Guitar Hero World Tour
October 26

The title becomes somewhat of a misnomer as Guitar Hero follows in the footsteps of Rock Band and introduces the ability to play the drums or sing on the microphone to the Guitar Hero game. And, of course, many many new songs.

Animal Crossing: City Folk
November 16

Not unlike Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing brings the video game a little closer to reality. This game moves in real time: hours pass as the do in real life, the seasons change in time to the months. After moving to a new town, you get a house and, of course, a mortgage. Work to pay for your house, buy and arrange furniture, design and wear a variety of outfits, shop, get your hair done, fish, catch bugs, make friends, lose friends, and so much more. Don’t expect to see gore, guns, or anything even remotely inappropriate, this game is easily for the whole family.

And there you have it! My picks for the best of the second half of 2008 for the Nintendo Wii. Of course this only begins to scratch the surface of all the games arriving in the next few months. Here are just a few more to keep an eye on:

Star Wars: The Force UnleashedSeptember 16th
Samba De Amigo September 23rd
Lost In Blue: Shipwrecked September 23rd
My Sims Kingdom TBA
Castlevania Judgement TBA
Ghostbusters The Video Game TBA
Wii Cheer TBA
Little King’s Story TBA

Use of hay day hack tool for unlimited gaming resources

Today, many people would often like to play mobile games which are very interesting and have attractive game play environment. In this way, hay day is really a very nice choice of mobile video game for all Apple iOS and Android mobile users. The basic concept of this mobile video game will be farming. In this game, the player will get a responsibility of taking care of the uncle’s farming land to harvest the wheat with the help of the scare crow. Now many players of this farming game start using the http://hay4hack.com/ tool for earning unlimited amounts of diamonds and coins for the successful game play.

Features of hay day farming game:

In this hay day farming game, the following are the main features to be considered by each and every player.

  • The player has to trade the crops & fresh goods with the friends and neighbors through having very own shop at the road side.
  • Need to grow and fully personalize the farm.
  • A gamer should have to fulfill all the orders using the truck and also by steam boat.
  • It is also very essential to build very own city or town and welcome all the visitors.
  • A player has to cast your lure and repair your dock to completely fish the waters.

This farming game actually has the Halloween theme which is very attractive to look on your Android or iOS devices. At the same time, there are several numbers of the Halloween costumes available for your farm animals to get funny experience. The mysterious ghost in fishing area of this game play environment will give you thrilling experience through farming. The beginners will get the limited time Halloween decorations for your road side shop. In this hay day farming game, there is also a mystical fog on the different areas.

Hack tool of hay day farming game:

When it comes to the hay day farming game, all the players should need to earn unlimited amounts of gaming resources such as diamonds and coins. There are several difficult levels and challenges available for the players and it is not easy to earn desired amount of resources for your successful game play. This is why hay day hack is available for all players. Once you have decided to make use of the hack tool of hay day farming game, you made a right decision to earn unlimited amounts of diamonds and coins for your hay day gaming account.

First, all the players have to learn how to properly use the hack tool of this game and choose a right and legal hack tool with the anti-ban property. The leading, reliable and licensed hack tool is highly beneficial to freely generate desired amount of coins and diamonds to level up your game play. At the same time, the anti-ban property of the hay day online hack tool will hide your complete hacking process from the developer and all other online gaming environments for the maximum safety of your account.

Players Beware the Mobile Game Clash of Clans

Are you currently suffering from game war or clash of clans addiction?

The Good ?

News is, you certainly are not alone, and it is not entirely his fault. Most games maintain them wanting more, and many activities are made to draw people. When builders hang carrots in conjunction with micro-purchases and constantly-at-your-fingertips mobile access that is not only games and fun real cash is at risk, and people expenditures jewel begin to accumulate.

While many mobile games are guilty of these tactics, the Clash huge success of clans and war games seem to be the main culprits of the portable player handling and bleaching starter.

What’s the draw?

To be fair, Clash of Clans looks great; the graphics are smooth and beautiful, and the interface is quite easy to understand.

While these communities are not as intense or widespread as something like EVE Online, the resource grinds still there.

Without prejudice to save, these games are also huge moneymakers for application developers. That is not exactly the problem; it is more like a side effect of the real issue. The thing is these demands created because of their money with the only purpose of milking people.

This achieved by designing a game that “hooks” early, so you be willing to spend real money later when impatience or the lure of instant gratification trumps prudence.


First Hooks Clans Clash

The difference between the conflict of something and clans like Super Mario Bros. is the fact that the latter is just a onetime purchase. In the event of a clash of clans, the sport is liberated to play with micro-purchases open to get jewelry for faster development.

It is entirely possible to succeed in coc by using a clash of clans hack without paying a penny this is not the kind of game that requires making money, but it is much more challenging.

The bad quality of games like this comes in the way they provided. When the game begins, you offered what seems to be many resources. It allows you to create, update and buy things freely, because everything is cheap in the beginning, and the rewards come quickly.

That sense of progress that engages early. Each time you collect gold coins flying out of their gold shops. You earn stars to defeat the Troll fields. It is a feeling of instant gratification you do not often get in real life, but there is nothing false in that jolt of euphoria.

Low Prices, Long Waits Make In-App Purchases More Attractive

Of course, the problem is that feeling of satisfaction does not last. The longer you spend in the game, improvements and resources are more expensive. Moreover, the deeper is at play, tasks and updates take longer to complete, and only two builders to do all the work.


Dragon City Hack GEMS – Is it possible?

Over the past two years, we are studying how encryption works dragon city from the server connection to a DVD or vice versa, and trying to find a chink in your system that can tap. Well, it’s not easy, but we finally found what we’re looking. Now we have a dragon city hack gems that works if you know how to make it work and I must say that is not easy. Dragon city is one of the games that give us the hardest time trying to create a cutting tool.

We cannot explain how we can do this Dragon City cutter work because that’s the dumbest thing we would do. If we disclose the technical problem here in the open public, then DC can only patch mods. This gap is the most important for us at this time secret, and it will not always reveal this secret from the public and open.

To summarize, this cutting tool Dragon City hack is the only trick that this 2016 will need to bring their experience Dragon City to a whole new level. You now know how to get free gems in the city of the dragon, and you will not have to spend a penny more on the game.


Our tool is not going anywhere. It will be available and working, as long as the city is working dragon. I say this because I want to emphasize that you can not be greedy in adding resources to your account and add millions in a single day. This gets your consideration in trouble. It is suspicious in an account that does not regularly buy gems and then one day, the rise of a lot of jewelry added to the account.

So be sure, cheat dragon city, and have fun!

CHEAT Dragon City using the script BASED WEB

Using DCPumper, you will be able to generate unlimited free gems, gold, and food for your account. Let’s cheat dragon city using the web-based script that means do not have to download anything. You know how risky it is to download software on your computer right?

Our cheats dragon city is very easy to use. Even if you have no prior experience using tricks such, are our tips for the city dragon very easy to use. Just follow some simple instructions, such as filling out your profile ID and choose the platform you are using either you are playing on Android, iOS, or directly on Facebook, then simply press a button and that’s it.

The best part of our cheats dragon city is its ability to protect your account from being detected or getting a ban. This feature that we focus on when developing this trick for the town of the dragon. It will be good to have a lot of stones in the city of the dragon if your account is banned right? So you do not have to worry about that. We have codified a system of advanced encryption to ensure that each account that the use of writing DCPumper will be safe.

Now this has been one of the biggest problems of many players of DC. Not all players have the money to spend on a game. That’s why many of the best teachers leading Dragon are some rich brat child who has unlimited resources $$$. This main reason why we have developed this cutting tool dragon city. To everyone whether rich or poor to enjoy the game to its fullest.